Turnkey machining line

PCI Machining takes care of the design and engineering of your entire production line: Automation, traceability, integration of washing unit, drying, assembly, dimensional and tightness controls.

Expertise in machining processes

+ Detailed analysis of your parts to define the appropriate machining process.

+ Proposal for co-design of your parts to optimise machining.

+ Design of the machining sequence and calculation of cycle times.

+ Design of cutting tools and fixtures

+ Programming and digital validation of the simulation: NC SIMUL software

+ Commissioning, 3D measurement and capacity calculation: QSSTAT software

+ Assistance with the start of series production

Mechanisation and Automation

Within our core business of developing and installing our high capacity machining lines, we have expertise in the design and implementation of transitic solutions between machining and other operations. We implement this either through :

+ Flow simulation

+ Gantries,

+ Robots,

+ Conveyors,

+ Automatic guided vehicle.

Mastering the implementation of a material handling strategy for a production line is crucial to optimise and guarantee a global production cycle time. Material handling refers to the internal logistics between all operations allowing the conveying, transfer and handling of parts.