The company’s values

Consumer satisfaction

We listen closely to our customers and do everything we can to understand them in order to anticipate their needs and answer them the best way possible.

It is important to respect our commitments. We preach responsiveness and rigour in our relationship with the customer. The information must flow at any time.

Lastly, we highlight the customer satisfaction at all levels.

Professionalism and safety

Safety is an essential element at all levels in the company. It makes part of professionalism. Whether it is for designing, building, commercialise our products or team work, beyond knowledge and skills, professionalism requires the proper use of methodologies and a clear organisation, a speed of action but also a sharp and in-depth reflection.

For us, it is essential to know how to work together and give the customer a reliable work to strenghten confidence.

Solidarity and living together

In order to satisfy the customer, we think it is necessary to have a good company cohesion and successful relationships between employees.

We highlight goodwill and mutual aid, but also knowledge and information sharing as well as openness towards others.

Continuous improvment

We know perfection does not exist, that is why we are always looking for improvment. It is obvious that, at PCI, this must be taken on by a daily learning, whether we receive it or provide it, some self-demanding but mostly by admitting its mistakes and understand them in order to not do them again.

Lastly, we must not forget that an employee will not stop to improve while he is being curious and a force of proposition, with a “always do better” state of mind.

Respect and acknowledgment of results

What is essential here at PCI is the respect towards other and the acceptance of individual differences. The well-being of employees influences the good health of a company. We preach the work value of every employee.

These ones complement one another with their individual qualities and ideas that drive to the satisfaction of our customers, whether it is from the design of a project or the deadline compliance but also the project tracking and the offer of realiable products of competent services.