Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 2014, PCI MACHINING has been sensitive to all Social, Environmental and Societal issues, and in 2018 we initiated a real structured CSR approch. Since then, we have reached the level of 64 out of 100 (“Gold” status audited by Ecovadis) in a fairly balanced way on all axes.

This reached level is very important for our customers, themselves often commited on the CSR approach, for current and future employees, for shareholders and the partners with whom we develop the entire local, regional and even national ecosystem.

For the past two years, we have been publishing our CSR report, which takes stock of the results obtained and the actions to be taken, both on the products we sell (reducing the consumption of “Green” machines for example) and on our carbon footprint and the resulting internal actions for the well-being of the employees.

Beyond the CSR virtues, I see in this approach a great lever for innovation and performance where everyone can find themselves.

“We are unlikely to be excellent by chance”


PCI-MACHINING Director/Deputy Chief Executive Officer & TTGF Chief Executive Officer