Microspraying process

Minimum Quantity of Lubrication (MQL)

Aware of the ecological and societal issues, PCI MACHINING has developed new solutions of minimum lubrication machining perfectly adapted to your parts since 2007.

Our machining solutions for your average or great application series:

  • Internal combustion engine parts
  • Chassis and suspension parts
  • New electrical vehicles parts
  • Automotive and aerospace structural parts

uCheck : Control device for MQL tools

Designed to perform, offline, all the necessary checks for the correct functioning of your MQL cutting tools.

This device guarantees you time savings without any production downtime.

This lack of downtimes also means that the costs are kept under control. A strenghtened safety thanks to the mechanincal holding system when the tool is checked, as well as ergonomics adapted to the workshop offer you a unique comfort use.

Essentials for MQL processes.

Power : Electrical 110V – 230 V || Compressed Air 4,5 bars

Attachment : HSK-A 40 or 63, or 80, or 100

Optional chip reader : Siemens or Balluff

Software : Compatible Windows Xp, Vista, 7, in 32 and 64 bits