Powder Bed Fusion

Powder Bed Fusion

Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) is a direct manufacturing process with objects accuracy using metal powder. This manufacturing technique will get you a wide range of solid products with complex geometry by using a laser. Our customers benefit from a substantial design freedom.


For the Powder Bed Fusion process, the CAD model of your 3D digital component is subdivided in different parts by a professional program. Then, a metal powder layer representing each part will be melted by using a laser on a construction plateform. Layering and melting cycles will be looped until the object is finally built. The manufactured component is removed and cleaned. The non-melted excess powder will then be recycled.


  • Quick marketing chain
  • Easy customisation and complex geometry
  • Target-cost design optimisation
  • Weak waste generation
  • Assembling reduction


  • Need an additive manufacturing approach
  • Important but limited base material range
  • Need an aftertreatment

Our equipment

The AMP-250 has been developed within the TTGroup in which PCI is a part of.

Our machine includes a thermographic monitoring system and a plateform preheating system.


XYZ manufacturing volume 250x250x250 mm3
Laser type
fibre, 1064 µm, 500 W
Protective atmosphere
N2, Ar
Maximum preheating temperature 200°C
Average oxygen level
30 ppm
Average manufacturing speed 1-10 cm3/h
Mastered materials
Aciers: 316L, H13, 100C6;

Inconel 718; Ti-6Al-4V; CoCrMo

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