3D realisation and manufacturing


Your component already fits additive manufacturing? You want to produce a simple form sample from a particular material? Contact us for the costing and every technical manufacturing questions you may have.


We study your 3D model and we might suggest you possible changes and give you some advice on the production method. We support you in your comprehensive projects and the specification processing. Once a complete analysis is done, we give you a detailed costing.

If your request is about the “Powder Bed Fusion” method and you want to produce from a powder that is not in our panel, we can support you to find a provider and analyse all the raw material characteristics.


Once the specifications are defined, your component will be manufactured as soon as possible. According to your needs, the manufacturing deadlines might change from a day to several weeks.


Once the component is manufactured, we can support you in the finishing processes: sanding, barreling and functional areas machining.


According to your needs, we study the component behaviour and the structure resulting from the material: density, hardness, roughness, tensile test, endurance, electron microscopy, etc.

Additive Manufacturing Technical Center